Capturing your unique signature style!

bulldogs, steve the bulldog, cool dude, man and his dogEnvironmental portraiture; the art of photographing someone in their environment thus giving the viewer the full story of the subject in one image. Can be very powerful when done right! Unfortunately, I don’t get to do as much environmental portraiture as I would like but when I do, I relish in the opportunity to capture the essence of my subject in a documentary style image. Add some post production enhancements to bring the picture to life and hopefully, if we’ve done our job right, we’ve created a powerful image telling you, the viewer, the story of this person or persons as the case can sometimes be, what makes them an individual in this populated planet of ours. (more…)

Festivals and photography

Religious celebrations, indian, muslim, hindu, photographing festivals

Religious celebrations

Festivals in general are a celebration of culture, fashion, music or religion. They bring an atmosphere of colour and vibrance to the streets as buskers busk, musicians play, dancers dance accompanied by floats, rides, stalls, etc. Photographing these festive occasions can be a challenge as we, the photographer, are spoiled for choice  as we try to be everywhere at once, aiming for that great action shot or attempting to squeeze in the entire scene in one frame! (more…)

The delight of the Japanese Slipper!

cocktail competitionsCocktail competitions make great photography!

Photographing competitions is exciting for both the photographer and the viewer!

The Japanese Slipper is traditionally  made from MidoriCointreau, and lemon juice! But rules were made to be broken and, when you gather together a group of professional bar staff and hold a competition that involves making a traditional Slipper and one with their own twist, you can be sure the results will open your mind to the variations possible!

My job as a professional photographer is to (more…)

Party on the Green!

Midori staff How will you promote your brand?

Use a professional party photographer to photograph it!

No one really appreciates the amount of work that goes into organizing a party, let alone a promotional party where invited guests come to celebrate a good night while sampling your promoted product or service. It all starts months earlier as you choose a venue, organise entertainment, decide how best to make it memorable leaving a lasting impression on your guests, coordinate the various departments so everyone is on the same page and so on! Wow! You need a rest after that! (more…)

Party time (you only turn 21 once!)

party photographers in GeelongDo you remember your 21st birthday?

Party photography by Caprice Photography will help!

Turning 21 is a cause for celebration so why not do it in style! Gather all your friends and relatives, turn on a fantastic soiree and kick up your heels well into the night! (more…)

Rockabilly Rebel with a cause for courage!

SONY DSCI could never have imagined in my whole life that I would have the courage to stand up in front of a huge crowd in my 50’s get up and talk in front of them (usually I would cry ). But to get up and show the town where I grew up what I had become was so empowering. The nerves were a big problem from the moment I found out I had been picked to compete. (more…)

Miss Ivy Fox! Winner of Miss Ballarat Beat!

SONY DSCBallarat Beat 2014… Wow. A month later and I’m still on a high after being announced as the first ever Miss Ballarat Beat. (more…)

Miss Jessi-Leigh: Proprietor, performer and pretty pinup!

SONY DSCWhat a whirlwind weekend Ballarat Beat was!!! A weekend of firsts for me, I entered my first ever Pinup Pageant; Miss Ballarat Beat!
With a performance based background dating back the best part of 30 years, I thought such a pageant would be a walk in the park for such an experienced performer……BOY!!! Was I wrong!! In my 32 years, I have NEVER experienced nerves like that!!! (more…)

Miss Flirtatious Belle – Miss Ballarat Beat Runner Up 2014

 SONY DSCWhen I first heard there was going to be a pinup comp at the Ballarat Beat I had one thought: Ruby better let me compete!

Having won two consecutive crowns the previous year (Miss Old Skool 2013 and Miss Jailhouse Rock 2013), it had been suggested that perhaps I ‘retire’ and try my hand at judging.  Well, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to take to the stage on my own beat!  (more…)

Miss Cleopatra! Fashion pharaoh!


SONY DSCMy story – What a fantastic event!
Allow me to introduce myself I am Miss Cleopatra Portman (formerly Miss Alley Kat). Miss Ballarat Beat was my first ever pinup competition. I decided to participate because I love everything vintage especially the clothes and the cars. My passion for the 1950s scene started through cars as I am a tragic car buff owing a few vintage cars. (more…)


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