Suntory Cup 2012

We recently had the opportunity to photograph the exciting and energetic atmosphere of the 2012 Vic/Tas and SA/NT cocktail making competition known to those in the industry as the Suntory Cup.

Over 300 guests arrived at the 1000 Pound Bend bar located in Melbourne and partook in the party atmosphere as the seven contestants set about producing multiple versions of their  delectable creations for attendees to sample while showcasing their bar aptitude in a club/ pub atmosphere.

While the center attraction was unquestionably the competitors’ captivating techniques in creating their liquid refreshment, guests were also treated to the culinary delights of a live food station, the latest dance tunes resonating throughout the converted warehouse and a canvas artist creating his style of masterpiece which was given away to one lucky ticket holder at the end of the night.

The night closed off with a presentation to the runners-up receiving congratulations and Suntory products while the winners received their deserved accolades and trophies and will go on to compete in the national titles with the chance to win the trip to Japan with spending money to boot.

All involved headed off into the night to continue their partying and celebrations and I’m sure some might be having trouble remembering the night’s events clearly so peruse through the images you see before you and refresh your memory.


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