Mexican Independence Day

Sunday saw the first publicly celebrated Mexican Independence Day held at Federation Square in Melbourne and celebrate they did! Those who attended this colourful fiesta were treated to a Mexican extravaganza from the traditional food and drink to the cultural dancing and singing. Various stalls found throughout the Square were also showcasing traditional Mexican artifacts and knick-knacks that could be purchased as a reminder of your Mexican flavoured outing.


The main stage showcased Mexican dancers in all their colour and flair followed by traditional cooking displays put on by recent winners of Channel 10’s Masterchef program, and not to be outdone were two great Mexican influenced bands, one taking the time-honored road complete with traditional instruments while the second band to take the stage fired up the crowd to a more rock orientated style with strong Mexican influence.


This is one festival that is guaranteed to grow in stature each year so, if you’re up for some tacos and burritos accompanied by the reverberation of Mexican music, then book this day in your calendar for next year and ¡Qué Viva La Fiesta!

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