Chartreuse cocktails at The Croft Institute

There is a small club tucked away up a graffiti art covered alley found mainly used as back entrances to China Towns’ restaurants. As you snake your way up the alley, dodging the dripping water from the overhead aircon units and side stepping the colour coded bins, you eventually spy up the end of its cobble stoned pavement some promotional umbrellas that tell you there’s something up there worth checking out, something secluded from the rest of the mainstream crowd still trudging their way on main street through life’s’ challenges. Once inside, let your eyes adjust and take in its eclectic style and theme and make your way to the candle lit bar with its fantastic backdrop resembling something more out of Dr Jekyll’s laboratory. You then browse the menu board and ask for a drink that includes, of all things, a syringe!?! Is this for real?? Well, take another look around, check out the beakers, the Bunsen burners and the other oddities on display that could only be found in a lab and it’ll finally hit you as to what this building may once have been. Order yourself a drink, watch them make it and after letting it stimulate your every taste sense, you’re guaranteed the patrons who frequent this establishment are as secretive about its location as you will be.

The Croft Institute is the place to be when it comes to trying out, amongst other liqueurs lining the shelves, Chartreuse. Found as a pale green or yellow liqueur made from brandy and aromatic herbs it lends itself perfectly as a main ingredient when creating cocktails. The staff has researched this French produced alcoholic beverage and has successfully created a number of cocktails from it. Be it an Atomic Marmalade or other exotic delight, Ray and the team behind the bar are the experts when it comes to getting it just right!

After working hard all week, patrons familiar with The Croft teams’ work find their way here to take a hard earned break and kick start their weekend. Remember, mum’s the word on its location but feel free to bring your friends!



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