Fashions on the field- Geelong Revival 2012

Every automotive event needs some finesse and the Geelong Revival was no exception thanks to the beautiful fashion contestants and promotion girls seen strolling around the Geelong Waterfront throughout the annual motoring festival. The highlight of the weekend for fashion aficionados and attendees was the Fashion on the Field parade held on Sunday in the SteamPacketGardens. Contestants dressed up in period style trends fitting the event’s early automotive themes found across the foreshore and were judged on their creations by a dedicated team of judges. With the competition tight, judges had their work cut out for them and selected winners in a variety of categories while one lucky lady walked away with the privilege of being titled the overall winner.

The promotion girls were looking stunning as usual and came from a variety of different supporters including the event’s own Just Geelong Revival girls and could be seen brightening up the scenery with their presence while showcasing their sponsor’s wares.

Why not come down and join in the festivities yourself next year and have fun dressing up accordingly? You’ll fit right in and may even walk away with the coveted grand prize!

See you all at the next event!





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