Rockin it old s’cool!


Last weekend saw the annual Camperdown Cruise fire up once again bringing rockabilly fans from all over the country for the four day festival held at Camperdown in south west Victoria. This historic town opens its doors every year as rockabilly bands from around the world converge on the little town ready to bring a taste of the fifties back to its tree laden streets. SONY DSC

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The street layout lends itself well to this style of event as it has a large service road running parallel to the main road with its period style buildings creating a fitting backdrop to the classic and custom rides parked throughout the streets, an outside stage and dance floor for those with the energy and the many trade stands selling rockabilly merchandise to those looking to delve into this ever growing culture.

The resounding sounds of fifties music echo throughout the festival over the weekend as visiting fans of the culture dress up to the theme creating the perfect ambience for anyone looking to embrace the scene. Shops flanking transformed fifties retro scene catering for those looking to take on the full transformation of the era. Hair, make up, clothing, tiki and low brow art is all available while numerous artists showcase their skills as they demonstrate their talent.

If that’s not enough to keep you busy, there’s a vendors fashion parade, the Miss Camperdown Cruise pin up comp, a best dressed comp and for those looking for something a little more risqué, a burlesque comp spread over the extended weekend.

Throughout the four days and into the nights, bands can be found belting out their retro tunes on the various stages and pubs located in the vicinity of the festival. Notable bands such as Nico Duportal from France, The Wise Guyz from the Ukraine, Roy Kay from the USA and Marc & The Wild Ones from Germany just to name a few. There’s even a Tiki bar for those looking to take on the home brew rocket fuel served in custom striped coconuts but be careful, it’ll creep up on ya as I found out!

Whether it’s wandering throughout the chrome and custom coloured streets of cool rides or perusing the vibrant stands of fascinating retro merchandise or taking on the dance floor swinging your partner to the beat of three piece rockin band, you’ll leave here at the end of the weekend feeling like you’ve experienced a taste of the good ol’ days when the wheels were built with style, the fashion was vivacious and the music was pulsating!

I’ll be back next year and hope to see you there too!

Keep on cruisin’




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