The milkman has a new flavour!


On a rainy night in Melbourne, there was no better place for a photographer to be working than at Largerfield, Crown casino! The milkman had arrived carrying his new style of Midori mixed drinks in milk bottles and the patrons were eager to try them out.

Entertainment for the evening came in the form of a cocktail making competition by local staff. Our job was to photograph the Midori cocktail making competition seeing bar staff from across the city pit their skills against each other while creating mouth-watering cocktails utilising the green liqueur.SONY DSC


The pace was frantic as they worked to a countdown and kept me busy too capturing all the action on stage and at the judges table too. The bottles flew, the shakers shaked as the various ingredients of their recipes came together before carefully filling four glasses and finishing them off with a creative garnish. In the end, there can only be one winner with Eddie coming up trumps with her flare and style, seeing her take the prize and trophy back to her bar along with a sense of accomplishment.

Overall, a Monday night in this style does well to alleviate Mondayitis giving you a good start to the working week and ready for the milkman by the weekend! Here’s to the milkman!



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