Miss Astrid Martini: Poise and grace!

SONY DSCWhere to begin? My Pinup story begins only 15 months ago. My daughter told me she was going to enter the MPA competion 2013 i said what a great idea and sighed …” I wish that I could enter but they ( the organisers) would not be interested in someone of my age entering … its only for young girls .. I would love to have a pin up photo of me with a car oh well “SONY DSC Abby said ” Mum , they have a prestige category that’s for women over 40 and they dont say you cant enter if you are over 50 ! ” That was all I needed to throw my hat into the ring. Within two days I had entered and my life changed for the better. I became focussed on me for a change . My hair, my make up , my clothes , the way I walked… everything. I began to really like me, and in a physical way, which is a big thing for me as it is for many other women I should imagine. One thing lead to another I finished up in the grand final; no I did not win in my category but the bug had bitten.

SONY DSCSONY DSCI found out about the Ballarat Beat Pinup competition through the contacts I had made through MPA , again, I did have some doubt about entering because of my age . By the way I am 52 this march. However I pushed those thoughts aside and entered. Miss Ruby was the ‘go to girl’ for the competition and the first thing she did was to delete my personal comment in my bio about me being perhaps the oldest Pinup ( Ruby had no idea of my age) she made the point ‘ age does not matter !’

All competitions are nerve wrecking. There are always the last minute things that go not to plan , forgetting something , putting holes in every pair of stockings you have brought with you ,discovering that the stage is very small, wishing you had brought a different dress. But the show goes on . The winner is announced.

I had an absolute ball all weekend . I danced, I laughed, I pranced,I bought new dresses, I did my best and I made new friends and mixed with people who like and love the things that I do.
The one regret that I had was that my daughter was not there to share it all with me. But, we have already made plans for next years Ballarat Beat Pinup comp , we will both come, to cheer the others on or to be a part of , either way I will be there .

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