Miss Flirtatious Belle – Miss Ballarat Beat Runner Up 2014

 SONY DSCWhen I first heard there was going to be a pinup comp at the Ballarat Beat I had one thought: Ruby better let me compete!

Having won two consecutive crowns the previous year (Miss Old Skool 2013 and Miss Jailhouse Rock 2013), it had been suggested that perhaps I ‘retire’ and try my hand at judging.  Well, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to take to the stage on my own beat! SONY DSC

Competing in the Miss Ballarat Beat competition was an exciting and challenging experience, not just because the competition was fierce (and by that I mean all the ladies were highly deserving of the crown!), but because I was competing on my home turf.  Having friends, colleagues and students in the audience truly made for a daunting experience! 

SONY DSCSONY DSCI love competing in pinup competitions like this for several reasons.  Firstly, the ladies who enter are so diverse; it doesn’t matter what your age, shape or size, everyone is welcome.  Secondly, it’s not often that someone like me, who was never much good at sport, gets to have the spotlight on them.  And finally, it gives us a chance to show off the fabulous vintage pieces handed down from grandmothers (my swimsuit belonged to a friend’s nanna) or lovingly sought out and purchased in an excited flurry (I was ecstatic when I discovered the mauve frock I wore for day wear at Bell’s Belles Vintage in Castlemaine – it’s been handmade using couture methods and fits like it was made for me).     

Being part of the pinup scene in this way is wonderfully rewarding.  Ruby’s competitions are less about competing and more about letting one’s inner beauty shine through whilst celebrating our skills and knowledge.  The positive manner in which she supports ‘her girls’ is to be commended, I believe all the competitors will agree, this competition is designed to boost our confidence, expand our circle of friends and enhance the love of pinup and everything vintage that links us all.  I won’t be competing next year, but I’ll be there, cheering on the 2015 bevy of beauties as they take to the stage. 

As for my next challenge?  I’ve been invited to represent Victoria in the Pinup Dolls Australia Grand Final which takes place at ChromeFest, NSW in October.  It’s pretty exciting being a pinup! 

You can follow Miss Flirtatious Belle on her Facebook page!   Miss Flirtatious Belle



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