Miss Ivy Fox! Winner of Miss Ballarat Beat!

SONY DSCBallarat Beat 2014… Wow. A month later and I’m still on a high after being announced as the first ever Miss Ballarat Beat.SONY DSC

SONY DSCSONY DSC After being placed runner up in Miss Camperdown Cruise, I spent the next few months using the judge’s critiques to perfect my routines, and also practicing my public speaking to be the best representation of an approachable, photogenic, kind, and fun pinup – a possibility of competing for a title just being a bonus! So with some persuasion from my Victorian friends, I booked my flights from Adelaide to Melbourne to travel over to compete in Ballarat! Ruby’s competitions are never about the titles – they’re about making friends and gaining confidence. We look to whoever gets the title as inspiration to build on our on-stage personas, and we look to all our fellow competitors as inspiration to build on who we are as individuals. I believe being a pinup is 50% personality, and 50% “the pinup look”, and kindness backstage shines through on-stage. 

Ivy Fox.

Find out more about Miss Ivy Fox here: Miss Ivy Fox

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