Rockabilly Rebel with a cause for courage!

SONY DSCI could never have imagined in my whole life that I would have the courage to stand up in front of a huge crowd in my 50’s get up and talk in front of them (usually I would cry ). But to get up and show the town where I grew up what I had become was so empowering. The nerves were a big problem from the moment I found out I had been picked to compete. SONY DSCI had no idea how any of the amazing looking ladies I was up against would be towards me and much to my surprise they were the friendliest women I had ever met. As time grew nearer to go on stage my mind raced at a million miles an hour and then the feeling of not being worthy or having something go wrong made it worse.

SONY DSCSONY DSCMiss Ruby Rabbt started to call names on to the stage and that was it, it was show time. I remember rushing through the day wear section and what made it worse was stuffing up and dropping my pencil (major freak out going on in my head). At the end of the set Ruby came out and helped settle the nerves. Beach wear was a huge issue for me as I have had body issues for some time, however I saw all the ladies looking so confident in their swim wear, that some of my issues went away (my biggest inspiration was Broad Betty and how comfortable she was in her own skin). This section was my second favorite. Evening wear for me was a ball, I’d almost finished my very first ever pin up competition and was on such a high. I had a few problems in this section (my heel getting caught in my pettie coat TWICE!!!). The last question was the third hardest part of the whole day, ‘Why do you think you deserve to win?’ I still to this day don’t think I deserved to win anymore than the other ladies that supported, encouraged and helped the newbie (and everyone else). I can’t help but get emotional about the Miss Ballarat Beat Pin up Competition, but to be completely honest I wouldn’t change anything if I had to go back in time and do it again.

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