Party on the Green!

Midori staff How will you promote your brand?

Use a professional party photographer to photograph it!

No one really appreciates the amount of work that goes into organizing a party, let alone a promotional party where invited guests come to celebrate a good night while sampling your promoted product or service. It all starts months earlier as you choose a venue, organise entertainment, decide how best to make it memorable leaving a lasting impression on your guests, coordinate the various departments so everyone is on the same page and so on! Wow! You need a rest after that!

Professional night club photographers

night life photographyDJ Good WillUnfortunately, some organisers have it right down to the last detail but decide the photography is easily taken care of by a staff member with a camera! Not a good idea! As a professional photographer, part of our gift is to make it look easy! Let’s face it; if we look stressed, you get nervous, right? So we mingle amongst the patrons, blending in as we capture those candid moments while your guests are blissfully unaware we have even taken a photo. Other times, we’ll capture a group pose and pass on the details of where they can see the photo thus encouraging them to peruse your site for the after show pics.

The event I photographed here is an example of a well organised event that went off without a hitch and with our professional skills and experience in this field, we were able to capture the evening’s proceedings for the client to use in future promotions as well as for various social media sites which is a must in this day and age!

Why compromise all your hard work with poor quality photos. 

Contact us to discuss the photography for your next event: Contact us



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