Festivals and photography

Religious celebrations, indian, muslim, hindu, photographing festivals

Religious celebrations

Festivals in general are a celebration of culture, fashion, music or religion. They bring an atmosphere of colour and vibrance to the streets as buskers busk, musicians play, dancers dance accompanied by floats, rides, stalls, etc. Photographing these festive occasions can be a challenge as we, the photographer, are spoiled for choice  as we try to be everywhere at once, aiming for that great action shot or attempting to squeeze in the entire scene in one frame! st.kilda festival, live music, music photographer

beach vollyball, sports photography

Beach vollyball on St.Kilda beach

red hair, portrait photographyI believe in “going with the flow”. You’re not trying to photograph the festival itself but more the feeling it brings to those attending the celebration. Stop, take a breath, try to understand what it is they are truly celebrating. Embrace the theme and go with it. Shoot from the heart, not from the hip! Your photography will benefit from it as your images will contain more than just colourful images but will have captured the feeling and flow of the street parade bringing life to your art!

Next time you see a festival on in your area, put your party hat on, not your photographers hat and go enjoy yourself! Afterall, photography is the art of capturing the celebration of life, not just the scene.



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