Capturing your unique signature style!

bulldogs, steve the bulldog, cool dude, man and his dogEnvironmental portraiture; the art of photographing someone in their environment thus giving the viewer the full story of the subject in one image. Can be very powerful when done right! Unfortunately, I don’t get to do as much environmental portraiture as I would like but when I do, I relish in the opportunity to capture the essence of my subject in a documentary style image. Add some post production enhancements to bring the picture to life and hopefully, if we’ve done our job right, we’ve created a powerful image telling you, the viewer, the story of this person or persons as the case can sometimes be, what makes them an individual in this populated planet of ours. pouring cocktails, the croft institute, chartreuse cocktails, how to pour a cocktailthe art of paul, artists, cartoons, tiki art, monkey artliquor 43, barmaids, barmaid holding a drinks tray

We hear that we are all individuals and all have a story to tell and I believe it! As a photographer, like a journalist or writer, we are challenged to enlighten our audience as to who you, the subject of our photography shoot are in as minimal space as possible. We need to bring our creative ideas to the fore and find out who you are, what it is that lights your fire and how best to showcase that unique signature style that makes you, you!

Hopefully, I can find the time to be involved in more environmental portraiture photography in the future and maybe I can capture your unique signature style! Stay strong to your individualism and live on! Send me a photo of your unique style and I’ll post it here for you!



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