Social presence through photography

Making your event or brand photos work for you

What do you do with that disc of pics just delivered to you?

Make them work for you, that’s what!

Social media is all the rage and will be for many years to come, it’s definitely a main stay and those who know how to utilize its services to their advantage will prosper! As we scroll down our Facebook walls or check out the Pintrest boards and Instagram pics, follow the retweets and Blogs during our short breaks at work or ad breaks on tv, we only stop to check out what catches our attention. With so many red eyed Iphone pics and blurry Android pics instantly flooding our walls, we find ourselves ho-humming through the posts not even pausing for a “like” or “thumbs up”! Text posts? No time to read that! Nothing has a greater impact on social media than a great pic, one that stops people in their scrolls and makes them touch the screen to enlarge for a closer look! Well done, you’ve grabbed their attention and have them paused long enough to interact with your post! Even just a “like” is a positive call to action in this fast paced world of ours!

Grabbing the attention!

But where did the pic come from? What was it about the image that made them stop? The people in it? What they’re doing? The background or shear vibrancy of the photo? Generally, it’s all of these things brought together in a clear professional photo taken by one who is experienced in capturing the moment at the right angle instantly telling us what’s going on in the scene thus grabbing our undivided attention long enough to leave a digital reaction!

Social media photography

As an experienced  professional photographer in this digital era, I believe I too play a much larger roll in your business interests than just taking the photos and passing them on to you. These days I’m required to be more than just a photographer but also a social media virtuoso as well!  It’s my best interest to see you succeed utilizing my photography skills to your advantage. But you won’t be doing it alone, I will be promoting your business as well through my own social media sites! I can also assist you as well as to what sites best suit you and when to post for maximum exposure!

Cheap but effective!

Enough of the sales talk! Check out the video clip below for an example of what can also be accomplished with that disc full of promotional images you have! Created for the customer in my studio, this online commercial utilizes my photography, royalty free music and is formatted to upload quickly creating maximum impact on a tight budget!


promotions, social media, brand promotions, professional photographer, melbourne  Snakes alive as we captured the candid moments these guys enjoyed with a live snake during a     cocktail competition while the client promoted their brands with great effect! With almost 150 pics uploaded, guests from the night were keen to see themselves interact with the reptiles thus creating a tsunami of likes, shares and comments as the pics went viral!  Below are the stats from just one week on my own site! The stats continued to grow after this week as the photos were shared across  all social media genres!






For more information regarding my business, Caprice Photography

My Commitment to you


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