Party time in prison!

Russian girls, Russian standard, russian vodka

The Russian Vodka girls growling for the camera!

The Old Melbourne Goal, now a historical landmark in Melbourne, Australia was the perfect eclectic setting when promoting Russian Standard Vodka! Over 400 guests ventured into the reportedly haunted establishment bent on sampling the delectable spirit while perusing the three story correctional facility steeped in history. 

Old Melbourne Goal

The Old Melbourne Goal makes for a night out with a difference

Melbourne entertainment, prison party

Russian Vodka was the order of the night

party time, prison party

Two revelers enjoying the unique occasion

The chilly night air added the perfect ambiance to the social occasion as attendees ventured through the high sand stone walls and into the long enclosure having been handed their drinking mug for the evening. Tables lined one side of the floor serving various beverages while a two piece accompaniment played the tunes adding to the evenings’ social stimulation. Hungry revelers were treated to two choices of rice based dishes served from large Asian style cooking dishes

As the professional photographer for the evening, it was up to me to utilize my skills and capture the atmosphere of entertainment mixed with historic reverence. Large spot lights bathed the upper level walls in red creating a challenge for photography in the already low light conditions as it blew out the highlights. No drama; I simply adjusted to the conditions, reset my settings and the results can be seen in the images I’ve posted here.

Tight spaces also proved a challenge but we delved into our creative appetite and took the challenge on with gusto! My mid range lens was the mainstay for the evening suiting the majority of the situations in both confined and open spaces as we converged on all three levels multiple times throughout the night.

The evening wound up as party goers headed out into the Melbourne nightlife, cup in hand and happy in the knowledge they get to leave the establishment when they choose to and not under the warden’s decision! Great place to visit but wouldn’t want to have to live there!



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