Miss Cherry Fizz- Miss Pinup Australia 2014!! “How the Miss Pinup Australia Competition helped me…”

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How the Miss Pinup Australia Competition helped me… I first found out about the Miss Pinup Australia competition through a surprise birthday present from my sister and Mum. They had bought me a pinup beauty shoot. Until that point, I had never thought of having anything like that done for myself – getting dolled up and feeling like a million dollars was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Usually photos of me are of me acting like a fool – not letting my beauty shine through. The photographer mentioned how they had been involved with the competition during the shoot and it intrigued me. Upon getting home I was finding out what it was all about. For a long while I wondered whether I would have the courage to be involved. I decided to go along to the VIC state finals with Mum to see what it was all about. Seeing all the beautiful girls of all ages, shapes and sizes and how confident they were made me want to experience that too. From that point onward, my journey began..

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SONY DSCSONY DSCIn my personal and work life, I have always put others before myself. I never allowed any time to look after myself and at times my health has suffered because of it. Miss Pinup has taught me that it is important to make time for myself and remind myself that I am a strong, beautiful woman. In the short time that I have been in the competition, I feel that my confidence is building and am finally allowing the real me to come out of my shell.
The day of the State Finals came around – it was such a great night. All the girls and gent had so much love and support for one another – helping with outfits, putting on eyelashes and just having fun. Winning Miss Neo Pinup Victoria 2014 was such a surprise for me!
Going to the Miss Pinup Australia Grand Finals was such a wonderful, whirlwind experience. I was so overwhelmed and humbled to win the ultimate title of Miss Pinup Australia 2014 – I never thought it would be possible with so many talented people sharing the stage with me. I feel very blessed for all the experiences I have had and what I have achieved.

The girls & gents that I have met along the way are all outstanding human beings. Listening to their stories and dreams has made me realize that I am not alone and have a family of beautiful people around me that all share similar interests and support me in any way they can. I feel that I have made friendships that will continue to grow long after the competition is done and dusted for the year.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved with a wonderful group of people and look forward to being a part of this wonderful pinup family for many years to come.

Miss Cherry Fizz x
Miss Neo Pinup Victoria 2014
Miss Pinup Australia 2014

For more information, go to Miss Pinup Australia

To find out what Miss Cherry Fizz is up to, go to Miss Cherry Fizz



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