Fast action and fashion for photographers

geelong mayor, darryn lyons, geelong revivalThe Geelong Revival Motoring Festival showcases everything from motor racing through to fashions of a bygone era. The two day event held on the picturesque waterfront foreshore of Geelong brings together motoring history from across the country and fashions of the fifties and sixties in a parade of colour and glamour.

From a photographer’s point of view, one who is hired by a major sponsor of the event, it means being everywhere at once, or so it would seem!







geelong waterfront. city of greater geelong, geelong revival 2014

classic race cars, ferris wheels, palm trees geelongs christmas tree, mgs, MGs, sports carsCareful planning and finding out the schedule of the weekend means we can plan where we want and need to be and when. Staying in touch with our clients allows us to be only a phone call away if required for a pose photo-shoot or a change of plan in the itinerary.

The automotive scene is a passion of mine so photographing such events comes naturally, knowing where to be for the action photography and what camera settings work best! I love the fast pace of motor racing and the pace of an outside event spread over a vast area as this one was. We take it in our stride, bring you the viewer a front seat ride throughout the proceedings while delivering high quality images for the customer to be used for their own social media uses as well as a great memento of their action packed weekend!

If you are after someone to capture your event or major promotional occasion and like my style, then give me a call or shoot me an email, I’d love to hear from you.


Website: Caprice Photography

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