Portraits, poses and portable photography

fuso geelong, award winning team, staff photography

The Fuso Geelong team displaying their 2015 awards for dealership of the year

Portraits can mean many things to a photographer, anything from a spontaneous shot taken in a fleeting moment outside in natural light through to studio style poses created for a desired purpose placed on a plain backdrop with multiple lighting set up for a desired effect.

This time around for me, it was with my portable studio, a go-anywhere set up that includes large backdrops, multiple stands and lighting and various props allowing the customer the ease of not having to take their staff to a set location but simply allow me to come to them and set up shop so to speak in a preferred location on their premises.

The winning team of Fuso in Geelong were my clients for today and I say winning because they had just been awarded the dealership of the year for 2014 along with a host of other awards! That makes for a very proud team and a great reason to book in a photography shoot!

staff portraits, portable studiosindividual portraits, headshots, corporate photographyWith set ideas as to what photos they wanted taken, I set up the studio in preparation for the staff in both individual pics as well as group pics of various sizes, with and without their newly acquired accreditation. The whole session was over within a couple of hours allowing the staff to get back to what they do best, selling the brand to future clients and setting their sights on the 2015 awards for dealer of the year!

If you’d like to have your business staff and their accolades captured as a great promotional tool for your brand or simply like to update staff portraits, give me a call on 0428 399 488 or contact me via email for more details.

Remember, I can come to you at your desired time and place.

You can find out more information regarding corporate and portrait photography,



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