As a professional photographer specialising in the commercial and business field of photography, it is in my best interest to capture and supply you with images that will be of substantial benefit to your brand and/ or business.  Brand recognition is critical in today’s busy lifestyle and I will assist you and your business portray to your customers the attention grabbing images required to stand out from the crowd.
With my unique style, these images can come alive and recreate the social, promotional or celebratory event you planned and will give the viewer the feeling of being there themselves leaving a positive impression. I can assist with your social media requirements, prints, slideshows and gift ideas as well as images to emphasise your brand on your website.

Company Profile
Caprice Photography has been operating for over six years. Dedicated to a professional presentation and with a style of my own, Geelong based owner and photographer, I takes pride in his professional photography and aptitude to bring you the style and finish you’ve come to expect from a professional photographer. Whether it’s a corporate function, awards night, brand promotion or images for your website, I will work to your brief or you can rely on my experience to deliver to you bright, sharp and eye catching images for your digital and print requirements.


For more info on what I can do for you, visit my website: Caprice Photography

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