Shoot first, ask questions later?

strike bowling, laser games, gun Remember that old saying “shoot first, ask questions later”? This could possibly be the worst mistake a professional photographer could make (aside from leaving the lens cap on) when shooting events, functions or brand and merchandise images! It must be the other way around! “Ask first!!”


Portraits, poses and portable photography

fuso geelong, award winning team, staff photography

The Fuso Geelong team displaying their 2015 awards for dealership of the year

Portraits can mean many things to a photographer, anything from a spontaneous shot taken in a fleeting moment outside in natural light through to studio style poses created for a desired purpose placed on a plain backdrop with multiple lighting set up for a desired effect.

This time around for me, it was with my portable studio, a go-anywhere set up that includes large backdrops, multiple stands and lighting and various props allowing the customer the ease of not having to take their staff to a set location but simply allow me to come to them and set up shop so to speak in a preferred location on their premises. (more…)

Fast action and fashion for photographers

geelong mayor, darryn lyons, geelong revivalThe Geelong Revival Motoring Festival showcases everything from motor racing through to fashions of a bygone era. The two day event held on the picturesque waterfront foreshore of Geelong brings together motoring history from across the country and fashions of the fifties and sixties in a parade of colour and glamour.

From a photographer’s point of view, one who is hired by a major sponsor of the event, it means being everywhere at once, or so it would seem!








Miss Cherry Fizz- Miss Pinup Australia 2014!! “How the Miss Pinup Australia Competition helped me…”

miss pinup australia, miss neo pinup, miss cherry fizz
How the Miss Pinup Australia Competition helped me… I first found out about the Miss Pinup Australia competition through a surprise birthday present from my sister and Mum. They had bought me a pinup beauty shoot. Until that point, I had never thought of having anything like that done for myself – getting dolled up and feeling like a million dollars was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Usually photos of me are of me acting like a fool – not letting my beauty shine through. The photographer mentioned how they had been involved with the competition during the shoot and it intrigued me. Upon getting home I was finding out what it was all about. For a long while I wondered whether I would have the courage to be involved. I decided to go along to the VIC state finals with Mum to see what it was all about. Seeing all the beautiful girls of all ages, shapes and sizes and how confident they were made me want to experience that too. From that point onward, my journey began..


Party time in prison!

Russian girls, Russian standard, russian vodka

The Russian Vodka girls growling for the camera!

The Old Melbourne Goal, now a historical landmark in Melbourne, Australia was the perfect eclectic setting when promoting Russian Standard Vodka! Over 400 guests ventured into the reportedly haunted establishment bent on sampling the delectable spirit while perusing the three story correctional facility steeped in history.  (more…)

Social presence through photography

Making your event or brand photos work for you

What do you do with that disc of pics just delivered to you?

Make them work for you, that’s what!

Social media is all the rage and will be for many years to come, it’s definitely a main stay and those who know how to utilize its services to their advantage will prosper! As we scroll down our Facebook walls or check out the Pintrest boards and Instagram pics, follow the retweets and Blogs during our short breaks at work or ad breaks on tv, we only stop to check out what catches our attention. With so many red eyed Iphone pics and blurry Android pics instantly flooding our walls, we find ourselves ho-humming through the posts not even pausing for a “like” or “thumbs up”! Text posts? No time to read that! Nothing has a greater impact on social media than a great pic, one that stops people in their scrolls and makes them touch the screen to enlarge for a closer look! Well done, you’ve grabbed their attention and have them paused long enough to interact with your post! Even just a “like” is a positive call to action in this fast paced world of ours!

Grabbing the attention!

But where did the pic come from? What was it about the image that made them stop? The people in it? What they’re doing? The background or shear vibrancy of the photo? Generally, it’s all of these things brought together in a clear professional photo taken by one who is experienced in capturing the moment at the right angle instantly telling us what’s going on in the scene thus grabbing our undivided attention long enough to leave a digital reaction!

Social media photography

As an experienced  professional photographer in this digital era, I believe I too play a much larger roll in your business interests than just taking the photos and passing them on to you. These days I’m required to be more than just a photographer but also a social media virtuoso as well!  It’s my best interest to see you succeed utilizing my photography skills to your advantage. But you won’t be doing it alone, I will be promoting your business as well through my own social media sites! I can also assist you as well as to what sites best suit you and when to post for maximum exposure!

Cheap but effective!

Enough of the sales talk! Check out the video clip below for an example of what can also be accomplished with that disc full of promotional images you have! Created for the customer in my studio, this online commercial utilizes my photography, royalty free music and is formatted to upload quickly creating maximum impact on a tight budget!


promotions, social media, brand promotions, professional photographer, melbourne  Snakes alive as we captured the candid moments these guys enjoyed with a live snake during a     cocktail competition while the client promoted their brands with great effect! With almost 150 pics uploaded, guests from the night were keen to see themselves interact with the reptiles thus creating a tsunami of likes, shares and comments as the pics went viral!  Below are the stats from just one week on my own site! The stats continued to grow after this week as the photos were shared across  all social media genres!






For more information regarding my business, Caprice Photography

My Commitment to you


Capturing your unique signature style!

bulldogs, steve the bulldog, cool dude, man and his dogEnvironmental portraiture; the art of photographing someone in their environment thus giving the viewer the full story of the subject in one image. Can be very powerful when done right! Unfortunately, I don’t get to do as much environmental portraiture as I would like but when I do, I relish in the opportunity to capture the essence of my subject in a documentary style image. Add some post production enhancements to bring the picture to life and hopefully, if we’ve done our job right, we’ve created a powerful image telling you, the viewer, the story of this person or persons as the case can sometimes be, what makes them an individual in this populated planet of ours. (more…)

Festivals and photography

Religious celebrations, indian, muslim, hindu, photographing festivals

Religious celebrations

Festivals in general are a celebration of culture, fashion, music or religion. They bring an atmosphere of colour and vibrance to the streets as buskers busk, musicians play, dancers dance accompanied by floats, rides, stalls, etc. Photographing these festive occasions can be a challenge as we, the photographer, are spoiled for choice  as we try to be everywhere at once, aiming for that great action shot or attempting to squeeze in the entire scene in one frame! (more…)

The delight of the Japanese Slipper!

cocktail competitionsCocktail competitions make great photography!

Photographing competitions is exciting for both the photographer and the viewer!

The Japanese Slipper is traditionally  made from MidoriCointreau, and lemon juice! But rules were made to be broken and, when you gather together a group of professional bar staff and hold a competition that involves making a traditional Slipper and one with their own twist, you can be sure the results will open your mind to the variations possible!

My job as a professional photographer is to (more…)

Party on the Green!

Midori staff How will you promote your brand?

Use a professional party photographer to photograph it!

No one really appreciates the amount of work that goes into organizing a party, let alone a promotional party where invited guests come to celebrate a good night while sampling your promoted product or service. It all starts months earlier as you choose a venue, organise entertainment, decide how best to make it memorable leaving a lasting impression on your guests, coordinate the various departments so everyone is on the same page and so on! Wow! You need a rest after that! (more…)

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